Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Here you will learn the mental and physical benefits of mindfulness: present moment, non-judgemental awareness.  You will also learn several ways of practicing mindfulness, both in sitting meditation and throughout the day, all based on ancient Buddhist teachings and robust scientific evidence.

Mindful Self-Love

The pathway to self-love may very well be self-understanding, and to understand ourselves we have to be able to observe clearly our own “internal weather.” This observing is where mindfulness comes in. The more familiar we are with our own heart and mind, the more loving and tender we can be with ourselves, and ultimately others. At the heart this is a class on mindful self-compassion.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

How can I be more productive at work? How can I relieve my own stress and worry in the workplace? This training explores several different contemplations and practices at becoming more self-aware in our professional lives.


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