Come learn the transformative practice of mindfulness!


Sunday, 6/27

(7/4 skipped)

Sunday, 7/11

Sunday, 7/18

Sunday, 7/25

Sunday, 8/1

Time: 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Cost: Sliding scale; pay what you can afford.

Location: Live Zoom Sessions (link sent upon registering)

What others are saying...

"As a military Veteran, I was never formally introduced to meditation as a method of self care. Since taking Mr. Rongcal's Mindfulness course, I was able to pause, reflect, and be mindful of some of the behaviors contributing to my everyday stressors and burdens. I have learned to love myself and be forgiving, and I've been more productive and positive--I've learned so much from the 5-week practices and they have been truly life changing! I'm grateful for the opportunity with RJ and I'll always remember to live in the present!" - R.N. 


​This 5-week course is an introduction to mindfulness, both conceptually and experientially. R.J. Rongcal will guide participants via interactive Zoom sessions, each one including a short talk, mindfulness meditation instructions, guided meditation, and group discussion.

The course will begin with an introduction to mindfulness practice: What it is…How to do it...(and) Why it’s important. And week-by-week, the course will gradually open up into more heart-centered practices such as kindness and compassion.

Between sessions, participants are invited to continue practicing mindfulness on their own with the support of guided meditation recordings, follow-up emails, and practice handouts.

Click here to learn more about R.J., the course creator and instructor.


Week 1 - What mindfulness is (and isn't)

- Mindfulness can be practiced in numerous ways

- It can support us in all aspects of life

Practice: Awareness of breath and body

Week 2 - Being Here Now

- Noticing past/future thinking returns us to the present moment. 

- Right now is the only moment we have.

Practice: Awareness of body sensations

Week 3 - Kind Awareness

- Mindfulness is friendliness to ourselves

- Noticing unhelpful beliefs we have about ourselves can free us from them.

Practice: Labeling thoughts, feelings, & sensations

Week 4 - Willingness to be with Things as they are 

- Every moment of our day is a chance to wake up

- Pain x Resistance = Suffering

Practice: Labeling pleasant, unpleasant, neutral

Week 5 - Moving Forward 

- Exploring our personal intentions and motivations

- Suggestions/opportunities for continued mindfulness practice

Practice: Open awareness meditation

- Attend at least 4 out of the 5 sessions
- Try best to maintain (near daily) meditation practice of 5+ minutes.


- Short lecture/talk on week's topic

- Guided meditation

- Group discussion

- Q & A


Audio recordings of guided meditations, supplemental reading, online video links, and "How- to" handouts